Animals Legal Own Colorado

As animal lover resident Colorado, always fascinated variety animals legally owned state. Whether you`re considering getting a pet or are simply curious about the laws regarding animal ownership, it`s important to know which animals are allowed in Colorado. Let`s delve into the world of legal animal ownership in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Exotic Animals

Colorado specific laws ownership exotic animals. The Colorado Department of Agriculture regulates the possession of exotic animals and requires permits for certain species. Here are a few examples of exotic animals that require permits in Colorado:

Animal Permit Required
Lions Yes
Tigers Yes
Bears Yes


For reptile enthusiasts, Colorado has specific regulations for the ownership of these fascinating creatures. While many reptiles can be owned without a permit, there are certain species that require a permit for legal ownership. Here examples:

Reptile Permit Required
Boa Constrictor Yes
Alligator Yes
Monitor Lizard No

Domestic Pets

When it comes to domestic pets, Colorado has relatively lenient laws. However, there are still certain regulations in place for owning certain animals. Here common domestic pets legal status Colorado:

Animal Legal to Own
Cats Yes
Dogs Yes
Ferrets Yes

It`s important to be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding animal ownership in Colorado. Whether you`re interested in owning an exotic pet or simply want to ensure that your domestic pet is legal, staying informed is key. Always check with the Colorado Department of Agriculture or local authorities to confirm the legality of owning a specific animal.


Legal Ownership of Animals in Colorado

Before owning a pet or exotic animal in Colorado, it is important to understand the laws and regulations regarding animal ownership. Legal contract outlines specific animals legal own state Colorado.

Section 1: Definitions
1.1 “Animal” refers to any non-human living creature, including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians.
1.2 “Owner” refers to the individual or entity that has legal possession and control of an animal.
Section 2: Legal Ownership Animals
2.1 According to Colorado state law (C.R.S. § 35-42-101 et seq.), it is legal to own common domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and small rodents as pets.
2.2 The ownership of exotic or wild animals, including but not limited to big cats, primates, and venomous reptiles, is regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and may require special permits and licensing.
2.3 Any person or entity found to be in violation of the laws and regulations pertaining to animal ownership in Colorado may be subject to fines, penalties, and confiscation of the animal in question.
Section 3: Conclusion
3.1 This legal contract serves guide Legal Ownership of Animals in Colorado referenced individuals entities considering acquisition pet exotic animal within state.
3.2 The laws and regulations regarding animal ownership in Colorado are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the owner to stay informed and compliant with current legislation.


Legal FAQ: What Animals are Legal to Own in Colorado?

Question Answer
1. Can I own a wolf hybrid in Colorado? It`s a little tricky, but technically yes. However, you`ll need a special permit from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. So, go ahead and fulfill your “Game of Thrones” dreams, but make sure you`re doing it legally!
2. Are hedgehogs legal to own in Colorado? Absolutely! These spiky little cuties are A-OK to have as pets in Colorado. No special permits needed, just a love for those tiny quills.
3. Can I have a pet kangaroo in Colorado? Unfortunately, no. Colorado has a strict ban on owning kangaroos as pets. You`ll have to settle for hopping around like one yourself!
4. What sugar gliders? Good news for sugar glider enthusiasts – they`re legal to own in Colorado. Just be prepared for those adorable, but oh-so-loud, midnight conversations.
5. Can I keep a pet monkey in Colorado? Sorry, but owning a monkey is a no-go in Colorado. The state has banned private ownership of these cheeky primates. Looks like you`ll have to find your own “Curious George” elsewhere!
6. Are ferrets allowed as pets in Colorado? Yes, ferrets are legal to own in Colorado. Just make sure keep eye little escape artists – known getting tricky situations!
7. Can I have a pet fox in Colorado? Surprisingly, yes! Pet foxes are allowed in Colorado. However, you`ll need to obtain a permit from the state`s department of agriculture. What does the fox say? Hopefully, it says “I love my legal Colorado home!”
8. Are parrots legal to own in Colorado? Parrot enthusiasts, rejoice! These colorful birds are perfectly legal to own in Colorado. Just be prepared for some serious squawking.
9. Can I have a pet skunk in Colorado? Believe it or not, pet skunks are legal to own in Colorado. Just make sure to have their scent glands removed – no one wants a stinky surprise!
10. What alligators? Sorry, but owning an alligator is a big no-no in Colorado. These prehistoric predators are strictly prohibited as pets. It looks like you`ll have to visit the zoo for your reptilian fix!